Read what the press say about us

Read what the press say about us

April 22, 2021
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Read about Bowen in Motion in the press

We have been in the press.

Press dealings can be exciting. It seems such a long time ago, since I spoke to the Oxford Mail newspaper about what we do here at Bowen in Motion. Hard to believe it was some months ago, in fact it was before Christmas 2019, but with the Christmas holidays and work schedules we didn’t manage to meet face to face until February 2020.

Bowen in Motion in the Oxford Mail press
Treating a client

It was a pleasure to meet Indya from the Oxford Mail; we sat down and talked about how we help people and gave me a chance to show her the technique and give a sample treatment.

The treatment was a surprise to Indya, I think it amazed her at how gentle it was. However, she also responded well and felt a change afterwards in the areas that she felt discomfort previously.

It was a chance for us to explain that The Bowen Technique is not only an alternative to such treatments as chiropractic, massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, physiotherapy, but also to show the changes that can be made.

Why not read the article as it provides detailed information on us, our history and what we can do. We treat sporting injuries, scars (which often cause other physical aches and pains) muscle and joint aches and pains, balance and structural issues, and many others besides. If you are unsure if we can help, why not call us and find out? So what have you got to lose,  except your pain. Call us on 07956 892604 and start to be free of your aches and pains.

Read the full article here

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