About us

Bowen in Motion was formed in 2016 to help people of Bicester and surrounding areas, to alleviate and manage their aches and pains.  The Bowen Technique is a uniquely gentle but effective treatment that works simply by addressing what is causing the pain, not by treating where the pain is. Put simply, my knee is restricted, but it’s probably not the knee that needs to be treated. That is what makes Bowen so different but effective.

And the best part, well, it is very light touch, it does not hurt, and you can be treated through your clothes, so there is no need to undress.

We offer a dedicated scar release treatment as well. Did you know that old scars can cause you aches, pain and even restrictions of movement? For example Caesarian scars can cause restrictions and other issues. 

Meet the team

Our talents and experience are diverse, but at Bowen in Motion, we’re united by one thing: an overarching passion to reduce your aches and pains.

We believe that no treatment can be better than the knowledge of what has caused the pain. Every day we make many decisions about what we do and how we move and these have an impact of on our bodies and the aches and pains they feel. It is the best of coincidences that good treatment choices take into account the movements we put ourselves through and the impact that each movement has on the whole body.

Hi, I am Peter and together with Beth, founded Bowen in Motion in 2016. After 30 years in the corporate world, I found my true calling, being able to help people and help them regain their movement. I specialise in sports injuries, the effect of jaw misalignment has on the rest of the body.
Hello!! I am Beth and I love to get people free of their aches and pains. In addition to being a full time Bowen therapist treating both people and dogs, I also train new Bowen therapists achieve their dreams. I specialise in Scar Release work along with hormonal issues.