When words can be so rewarding

Reward can take many forms in life. Yet, sometimes the most rewarding of type is those that are unexpected.

Clients who have Bowen Fascial Release Technique treatments come and have their treatment, and usually the first feedback on how they have felt and responded to the therapy is the following week when the next session is undertaken. This is normal, but as the client leaves after the treatment, I wonder how they will feel over the next few days, especially if they have never experienced the power and impact of Bowen Fascial Release Technique. I consider how their body is responding and hope that it has had a positive effect, and made a change to their wellbeing.

There are however, some clients who contact me after a treatment to explain how they are feeling. Just such an occasion happened this week, when I treated a lady and her daughter who were new to Bowen Fascial Release Technique.  The following is an extract from her email to me the day following the treatment. Words are so rewarding. I love my job!!!

“Morning! I have to say that was pretty amazing yesterday! I have more movement in my neck then I’ve had for many years! And I’m Slouching!! 😂 x I feel slightly taller too! 😂 x weird as I’m sure I’m not! But I feel straighter if that makes sense? 😊 x My daughter has now named you the ‘Magic Man!!’ 😂😂 x she fell asleep in the car on the way home! 😂 she said felt really relaxed! The pain in my back has Definately calmed!”