What can I do to stop injuring or re-injuring my shoulder?

You have been hitting the gym hard to get fit for Christmas and the party season. Or perhaps there is still some of the summer excess you want lose.

Maybe your job needs you to lift and move heavy or not so heavy items repeatedly?

Perhaps the autumn gardening has been a little more involved and strenuous than you had hoped for?

These can cause you to injure or re-injure your shoulder, as many other ways can too.

The chances are if you experience an upper body injury, it will probably be your shoulder, and quite possibly your rotator cuff. These could have been avoided, by having Bowen Fascial Release Technique, but as a remedial therapy but also as a preventative therapy. Yes thats right, Bowen Fascial Release Technique is not just to repair you when you have an injury, it can help you avoid injury in the first place.

The rotator cuff has a vital and never ending role in keeping the shoulder and arm flexible and fluid, and is capable of thousands of positions. Just think for a minute about how much you use your arm, hand or shoulder everything day. Staggering isn’t it. You drive, eat, dress, brush your hair, wash and work to name a very small number. It does all that without issue and hour after hour. But that is not enough is it, then it is subject to more stresses in the gym, gardening, playing sports and hobbies. For the most part it will cope. However there is a chance that the body is compensating for any dysfunction causing by all this extra effort on what is a remarkable and multifaceted cuff.

Don’t suffer more than you need to, call me and find out how Bowen Fascial Release Technique has helped many clients already, reduce their pain levels and improve their ability to undertake tasks that had become too difficult to do.