Variety and effectiveness

Variety and effectiveness

July 26, 2017
1 min read

It is said that variety is the spice of life. Quite who takes credit for this proverb is unclear.

In my clinic recently this proverb has certainly been very true.

The clinic has been busy than ever this June and July. Maybe the warm weather has made peoples aches and pains more noticeable or just people want to enjoy the summer being pain free.

Often I am asked if the Bowen therapy will help this condition or that condition. Bowen is designed to treat the person not a condition which is why it is so effective. Often someone’s pain goes and the treatment has not been near the painful area.

This is partly why the therapy is so rewarding, in understanding what has happened to cause the change in the client. Often I have heard this as listening to the body, I think I understand what this means now. It means assessing by all your senses how the body has reacted, and is reacting, and perhaps more importantly, what it still needs, or doesn’t need.

Recently I have seen with a variety of conditions including:

Frozen Shoulder
Lower Back Pain
Knee pain
Hip pain
Thumb pain
Feet pain
Burning sensations in leg
Elbow pain

Most of these clients are feeling a lot better already, isn’t it about time you joined them in feeling better.