Sciatica again

I wrote recently (5th August 2016)about the amount of clients I have seen recently who have been suffering sciatica and lower back pain. I made reference to the fact that these people seemed to have a correlation to the gluten not firing fully.

A few days ago I was in a garage having some minor repairs done by some wonderful people whilst I waited. As with many garages these days, they have a nice waiting area with coffee and a TV to keep you entertained whilst they work their magic.

As I sat there a fellow waiter, finished a phone call and then a conversation developed between us . He worked in the military and had been through some traumatic ( to me if not him) events in Afghanistan including being close to IED explosions on two occasions. He commented that he had been under the military medical system for a number of years as his glutes we not working and the physiotherapists and chiropractor in the military had said they never will. He suffers from lower back pain and sciatica. Obviously this information supplied by him cannot be confirmed from any observation or examination, but on the basis of the information he could respond to Bowen Fascial Release Technique. Sadly he told me he was moving away that day so I could not treat him. I did explain what Bowen Fascial Release Technique was and encouraged him to find a Bowen therapist local to him. Fingers crossed and hopefully his pain will reduce.