Sciatica – A real pain in the backside (amongst other places)

Sciatica is a generic term used to describe pain in the lower back, buttock, thigh, and even the calf for some people.

I see a lot of people presenting at the clinic with sciatica, and it is something that responds extremely well in most cases to Bowen Fascial Release Technique.

A lady I had the pleasure of seeing recently whose sciatica was so debilitating that she had to take time off work because of the pain, and then when it subsided, had to rely on friends and colleagues to drive her to work as she was unable to as the pain was just too much. She could not undertake her fitness regime which she loved, no gym, no running and no cycling.

After just one session, the pain had been reduced to a manageable level, enough to allow the lady to drive again.

After two sessions she was able to drive the length of this island and with the traffic that is a lot of sitting, with only the occasional twinge and even that was at a much reduced level of pain.

After three sessions, she is not only feeling really good, the gym is now about to be revisited.

Bowen Fascial Release Technique worked for this lady and her sciatica. You too could be free from that horrible and debilitating sciatic type pain, call me on 07956 892604 to discuss how I could help you.