April 19, 2019
1 min read

Do you run for exercise, or fun? Are you a little more competitive than that and like to push yourself against the clock at park runs, or half marathons or even the full marathon?

Did you know that we here at Bowen in Motion can help you in your running goals? Bowen Fascial Release Technique can help your muscles work with each other rather than fighting against each other. Gait analysis r gives a great indication of which muscles are not working as they should do, but that is only half the picture.

So you have had the assessment and gait analysis, which is great but what is your body going to do to put it right? Nothing without help. That is where Bowen Fascial Release Technique can help, as it targets the areas that need the help as well as allowing the changes it makes to work with the rest of the body.

We are currently working with runners in the half marathons and park runs and the results have been amazing for them. Fewer injuries, increased performance resulting in faster times and personal bests are just a few of the benefits seen already.

So if you are a runner, then come and see us, and find out how we can help you.