OK so how does this fascia thing affect me?

OK so how does this fascia thing affect me?

January 10, 2018
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Well this is something we as therapists are often asked especially as we have the word fascia in the title of our what we do, Bowen Fascial Release Technique.

We explain it as best we can without being too weird as often some people find the details squeamish, or too flippant, after all we are passionate about what we do and how effective it is. So it is a delicate line to tread. 

Almost everyone understands the principle of fascia once explained, but there is a difference between understanding what it is and what it does. And with fascia that is where the real fascination begins.

Fascia is there for a good reason to allow, enable and restrict movement (in certain circumstances) and to control posture and to compensate for posture  that is less than optimal. 

For each person their functional movement requirements will differ. This will result in each person being unique from a fascial perspective.

In the article by Evan Osar (see the full article here The Functional Role of Fascia in Posture and Movement: Part I | Article | PTontheNet: ) the functions and dysfunctions of fascia are discussed, and concludes on how important the fascia system and links are. 

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