Neck and Back Pain – Is what you wear causing the pain?

It is, on the face of it, hard to believe that what you wear can impact on the strain your back and neck feels and ultimately pain and discomfort.

The more you consider it though the more sense it makes. The body is a structure under tension at all times, holding itself in balance. Add weight to one side of the body and there has to be a compensating action. This is Newton’s third law which states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

So a small change in the structural balance of the body by forces exerted on the back or neck will have to be compensated for.

The back pain is usually a result of some injury during your basketball game, working in the garden or too many hours spent on the working desk. But many times the back pain or neck pain arent caused by any particular activity, which makes it harder to treat. In case you are suffering from unexplained neck or back pain, you should consider the most important factor: your clothes. Not only they could cause the back or neck pain, but they can even make it worse!

What are the potential clothes that could cause back or neck pain?

Improper bra that doesnt fit cannot support you well, which will result with back and breast pain. If you thought that thin straps can help you, you are very wrong. An ill-fitting bra will make you to slump and fold your shoulders forward, resulting with painful postural disarrays, Richard Moore, a consultant osteopath and sports massage therapist stated for the Daily Mail. In order to have good results you should find a specialist in bra fitting.

Halter tops can be a reason for pulling the neck forward which will result with improper distribution of weight across the shoulders equally. Women with larger breasts are particularly affected by this factor. It may happen with any kind of bra. Tim Hutchful from the British Chiropractic Association states that this could result with neck strain, muscle tension and pull you into harmful posture-the anterior carriage posture, where the neck plunges forward.

The neck is charged for supporting the head on the body. Heavy necklace may be additional burden for your neck. Hutchfuld explained: Anything that draws the neck forwards or backwards forces the head away from its proper point of neutral balance… This could lead to neck tension, ache and damage, and in long terms it could promote a slouched posture with harmful consequences for the back.

Skinny jeans and pencil skirts make the moving more difficult. You cannot bend at your knees as normal, or change your walking posture. This could result with pulled muscles or disk problems and ache in the back.

Tight necktie could result with moving problems in the neck and raised tension as well. If you arent able to put your finger between the neck and shirt collar, then you should change this piece of clothe because it is too tight and could lead to serious problems in your back and neck.

Wearing heavy backpacks could lead to changes in the postural angles and promote pain in the back. According to some researches the larger backpacks worn for a longer period of time lead to postural issues in kids. They apply more pressure on the neck and back which eventually leads to pain. It can also cause problems in adult persons as well, particularly if the backpack is always loaded.

Every woman is aware that the high heels are harmful for their body posture, but they always like to look seductive which is the reason why they ignore this fact. High heels change the muscle coordination patterns in your body and hips. A research proved that this results with anomalies in the spine loading patterns and raises the possibility of musculoskeletal injuries. You should pick those shoes with short heels and diminish the amount of time you wear them.

We all like to wear them on the beach, but only few know that they are changing the gait as they have no structure and are meant to hold on to the toes. This result with shorter stride length and a bigger ankle angle as we grip on to the footwear. It causes problems in the hips, lower legs, knees and back ache. Justin Shroyer, an Auburn University researcher states: We discovered that while people wear flip-flops, they change their gait, which leads to issues and ache from the feet into the hips and lower back… Changes like this at the feet can lead in variations up in the kinetic chain, which eventually will expand in the upper body of the person. read more at