Multitasking whilst exercising

Is this really possible? Well, it really depends on exactly what you are trying to do as well as exercising. Obviously any other form of physical activity whilst exercising has the potential for injury and disaster.

However, when you are physically active and exercising, can your mind be put to good use? Well there is no reason why not.

Have you considered mediating whilst you are running? Sounds a little odd doesn’t it, but after one reflection it might not be quite as strange as it sounds. After all why should you not use the exercising time to help your mental health as well.


Gina Tomaine wrote a great and informative article in runners world about meditating whilst running. It all makes good sense, perhaps it is worth trying next time you run or workout. Read her full article here: Why You Should Try Meditating While Running (and How to Do It) | Runner’s World: