JW February 2016

Whilst I was cleaning the gutters of my house at the top of the ladder, my right foot got tangled in my trousers, and in my panic I forced the leg downwards. Being a former paramedic I knew exactly what had happened when I felt the numbness and then pain. I had dislocated my knee cap. Knowing that I had to get down, I put the knee cap back into place so I could get down. I couldn’t walk without the support of a walking stick and felt as though the knee would collapse, and indeed it often did around five times a day. This continued for several days before I found Peter. After the first session my knee felt less delicate and stronger, less likely to collapse. Since that first session it did not give way, and I could stand on it more and with more confidence. Over the next week, the knee got stronger. I saw Peter twice more and each time I felt more confidence in my knee. I was so pleased to have found such an understanding and good therapist, I would highly recommend him to anyone. JW Feb 2016