JH September 2016

I went to see Peter after suffering from a torn tendon in my shoulder and tennis elbow (same arm)! I had seen the Dr and they just kept giving my anti inflammatory and pain killer pills but nothing to actually solve it! My work (self employed) my sleep and my life was being massively effected by my shoulder and my other shoulder was getting sore from over compensating! I saw Peter every week to start off with and my sleeping massively improved especially as he also noticed my jaw wasn’t in line so he fixed that too 😃 I now see Peter about once every 6 weeks and my tennis elbow has completely disappeared and no more pain from my shoulder! When I ‘ve had a busy week of lifting or putting pressure on my shoulder I go and see him and lose no sleep! I would recommend Bowen for anyone and Peter as he takes his time no rushing and gets to the bottom of problems!JH September 2016