Fascia. It is not well understood, but is getting there.

Fascia, it is such a major part of our body yet we understand so little of it and it is often overlooked and considered just a protective barrier under the skin. Indeed it is all that, but it is so much more as well. It is the tool that we can communicate to the brain and body with, it responds to stimuli for a variety of sources though pressure and touch, as well as heat and cold.

http://www.northstarhealingtherapies.com.au/fantastic-fascia-and-why-bowen-therapists-love-it/In case you haven’t already heard of fascia it’s a connective tissue made mainly from tightly woven collagen fibres which surround every other tissue of the body including our nerves, bones, arteries, veins and muscles.

Every single part of your anatomy is encased in and connected by fascia. It wraps around your individual internal parts keeping them apart and lubricating them for easy movements. Fascia keeps your body taut, it’s your body’s first line defense against injury and it’s the first place health problems or injuries should be treated.

Despite all that fascia hasn’t been studied much because the medical world has struggled to understand what its real function is but it’s certainly more than just packaging that holds our bones and muscles together under our skin. Fascia is vital for every movement you make and every injury you’ve ever had but, until a few years ago, nobody paid it much attention.

Fascia’s not main-stream yet but it’s getting there. A new appreciation of fascia has begun throughout the health and well-being industries as a way of explaining and treating injuries, but fascia is something we Bowen therapists have been working with and on for years. You could say we’re fascinated with fascia.

Injuries and a wide range of health problems may be treated by working on the fascia, including babies with colic, adults with work related injuries, continual compromised posture, seniors with any of the problems that are common with old age and athletes with acute or chronic injuries. northstarhealingtherapies.com.au