EC March 2016

I have suffered from IBS for the last 20 years, and it has been getting worse as I get older. In order to reduce the effects I have learnt to avoid certain food groups, as my intolerance to diary products seems to be a trigger. I also suffer from cluster headaches and optical migraines. These are debilitating and make me unable to function for up to 48 hours. Having been through the usual GP route numerous times, without success, so having nothing to lose I decided to try an alternative therapy. I had heard of the Bowen Technique several years ago, so I googled for therapists in my area and found Peter. His patient approach and thoroughness in finding out about my conditions and how they affected me, and more importantly what they prevented me from doing gave me great confidence. Over the course of the treatments, my cluster headaches decreased in severity, I had no optical migraine, and have not had one in the four months since my treatments. More impressively, is the reduction in the number, frequency, and severity of IBS episodes. I would not hesitate in using Bowen Technique for these or any condition. EC March 2016