Early diagnosis

It is often hard to pinpoint exactly when the pain you feel started unless there was an incident or trauma, but even then the pain will have changed over time.

I was walking between sites with some colleagues last week, and over the time of the walk, something over 20 minutes I started to notice the way their feet were landing and the way the rest of the body compensated. This was a young person, early 20’s, and it became clear that her left leg was leaning towards her right leg when she was walking, so that more weight was on her left leg than her right. Also as her left foot landed the back of her knee shuddered slightly and this ripple radiated approximately an inch above and below the knee. This was repeated on every step. 

She also had a tilt in her shoulder line with left shoulder lower than the right.

Later, I spoke to the lady and asked her if she had ever noticed her knee shuddering, and she hadn’t. 

She was fascinated though as she had visited a medium recently who told her that she would have knee problems. 

Kinda spooky.

So the fact is that a pain that has not yet materialised, could be developing without you even knowing. Sure it can be addressed once the pain finally arrives, but a lot of  compensating actions will have become ingrained by then. 

Is there an alternative? Yes there is, why not get checked over by a Bowen Fascial Release Therapist, and help to identify issues before they become problems.

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