Does it matter how my foot lands?

Does it matter how my foot lands?

May 23, 2018
2 min read

Yes it does, very much.

It matters in so many ways you would wonder how you have been able to propel yourself forwards and get to where you want to get, without too much pain or discomfort. That is indeed how most of us get around, coping in a way to compensate for a small problem in our body. Yet is it so small it cannot really have much of an impact?

Possibly until you start to explore the nature of the body. So my foot doesn’t quite land correctly or push off to propel myself forward as textbooks suggest, no big deal right?

No if you are happy and have no worries about your future health.

Something as small as how your foot lands has an enormous impact on the rest of your body, as every tiny issue will find a way of compensating somewhere further up the body, so a minor imperfection in the foot landing (and imagine how many times a day you do that) will be needing to be accommodated in the body. Do that day after day, month after month and the compensations become engrained and part of who we are. We just live with the aches and pains in our backs, shoulders, hips wherever really, carrying on.

In our clinic it is fascinating to observe gait patterns and how the bodies compensate.

This is not just for runners or sports people, where the changes in gait we assist with through Bowen Fascial Release Technique are noticeable through performance (runners notice an improvement in their discomfort levels and their times), but for non sports people too, who just need to walk around their home, or shopping and find they can move in less pain.

And thanks to Bowen there is no pain in the treatment.