Does Bowen really work? – Yes and better than you can imagine

Does Bowen really work? – Yes and better than you can imagine

May 12, 2016
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It is a question that is often asked, along with what caused the problem. This is because we as humans often like to visual not only the body and how it is working, but to try to explain to ourselves what happened, so that we can avoid it in the future. However given the volume of movements we make each minute, it is just not possible to recall what “trigger” caused the pain several weeks or months earlier. Indeed, these triggers could be a small incident, multiple repetitions of an action or a simple single action.

Regarding does it work, this is harder but normally you need to persuade clients to try it and then they believe. However, sometimes we can give visual information of an incident that allows us to understand the trauma, the forces exerted on the body, and what impact this will have.

The lady driving this car, had whiplash, could not turn her head neither left or right, had severe shoulder and arm pain, along with a cough resembling a smokers cough as a result of the air bags being deployed. That in itself is quite a list, the car has been written off and recovery team for the car, asked if the driver had been killed, such was the impact.

So could the Bowen Fascial Release Technique help her? Yes it could, and more importantly it DID help her.

After three treatments, her back was normal, her shoulder pain reduced to bruising pain, the whiplash has gone and she has a full range of movement on her neck and head. Oh and the cough has almost gone as well.

She went to her doctors before and after treatment, and the GP expressed amazement at her progress, her range of movement, and her movement generally, stating that “in my experience, anyone having that accident, and whiplash, should not be moving so well and with such range.”

Why did it work so well? Anyone will respond to the treatment but if the injury is over a week old, it will heal more slowly. This lady was treated the first time the day after the incident, proving that speedy treatment can provide equally speedy relief.

So if you have injured yourself, don’t delay, I will see you as soon as I can, so call me.

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