CC September 2016

Peter was recommended to me by one of my customers who uses him, and after seeing me struggle with my walking and back pain. I explained to her I was involved in a motorcycle accident and compensating for the fact my left leg was very painful to stand on for any length of time, and where I was weight bearing with my right leg was causing my lower back sciatica . I was also getting shooting pains up my neck to my head and shoulders and pins and needles down my right arm. I didn’t take any notice of my customer for few weeks as I had been putting up with this sort of pain for over 10 years, but my sleep and work were starting to be affected as I do decorating and plastering and various handyman jobs. I finally went and saw Peter who after asking me a few questions realised he could help me, I must say I was a little unsure what he could do for me, but after the first sestion i felt an instant relief in my pain and symptoms , I went for a further 2 Sestions with Peter, and after being a silly man I rang Peter in an emergency to help relieve my back , which of course he did. This technique is not a cure but it really does alleviate the pain and tension associated with injures Stress and repetitive strains. I can honestly say since seeing Peter I have not felt so good , but with the work I do and my life style I will be seeing him again for a tune up in a month. Peter is a great guy and I would recommend him and the Bowen in motion fascial release technique to friends and family.CC September 2016