Thanks Peter My back is feeling good 👍 PT July 2018
Works for me ! 😊😊 JH July 2018
Back pain for 2 years. Now feeling great after only 2 sessions. 👍🏻 😊 SJ July 2018
I can testify that Peter Crabb is good. He helped me recover from a shoulder injury which enabled me to swim in the World Masters Swimming Championships in Budapest last year!👍😃🏊💥 I certainly recommend him.👍 CD June 2018
So 9 years of extreme pain, endless doctors appointments, multiple concoctions of medication, hospital visits, operation, chiropractor, the list goes on. 2 sessions at "Bowen in Motion" and already seeing a difference! Too early to be getting excited but the future has a pin hole of light showing !!! CD June 2018
Wait for it ! Wait for it ! Not 28 mins not even 27 mins but 26.48 mins. A whole 13 seconds better than my PB set 2 years ago when I was 2 years younger. RRRR April 2018
27.49. yeah !!!!!!!!!!! Not quite a pb but I would have been happy with anything starting in 28, so fabulous. Thank you. SSSS March 2018
Thank you for making me feel whole again ...managed to walk at George's Day parade with a LOT less pain than I would have done without your treatment HF April 2018
It is fab Peter Crabb has treated me for a while it is hard to believe that it is doing any good but it is superb.AT November 2017
My partner went with really bad sciatic like pain and Peter Crabb sorted that out with Bowen. We were both a bit sceptical but he is fabulous. Well worth having done.RT October 2017