Ankle Swelling

How difficult it can be when a client comes to you for one condition or symptom and whilst talking to them or performing the treatment you notice something not right, something they have not noticed themselves.

This happened a few days ago to me, and it made me stop and think, how should we approach this. I appreciate it depends on what it might be, but if after taking a client’s details, spending time talking to them about not only what Bowen can do for them, but also gathering the issues that made them come in the first place, something else entirely presents itself, even worse when it contradicts what the client has told you.

Whilst treating a lady, for back pain, and despite her words confirming she had no problems now or in the past relating to her legs or ankles, I noticed a significant swelling on both lateral and medial malleolus. Bowen Fascial Release Technique is a whole body treatment, and it would have been easy to ignore these swellings and talk about them at the next session if they were still present. However, the easy option is not always the right one, either morally or ethically, so I did gently refer to the swelling, and the client was pleased as she had not noticed it. She had no idea of any trauma or trigger that caused the swelling.

The treatment was as always designed to treat the body as a whole, which in turn would allow her body to address her ankles, the swelling and her other aches and pains. By identifying the swelling I was also able to offer advice in treating it by way of ACV.

When I saw the lady a week later, her ankles were no longer swollen and she felt much livelier in herself, with more energy. Another happy client.