A continuous structure in the body

A new membrane in the gut has been discovered. The continuous nature of the new organ, reminds us that the fascial tissue that holds us in place is also continuous and is the largest organ in the body.

Bowen Fascial Release Technique with Boweninmotion works on the fascial tissue, the largest organ.

It makes a lot of sense, if you work on the largest organ in the body which is continuous, surely that will have the best chance of helping all of the body, wherever your aches and pains may be. And that is one reason Bowen Fascial Release Technique is so effective.

A mighty membrane that twists and turns through the gut is starting the new year with a new classification: the structure, called the mesentery, has been upgraded to an organ.

Scientists have known about the structure, which connects a person’s small and large intestines to the abdominal wall and anchors them in place, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, until now, it was thought of as a number of distinct membranes by most scientists. Interestingly, in one of its earliest descriptions, none other than Leonardo da Vinci identified the membranes as a single structure, according to a recent review. See more…