EC July 2016

In June 2016, I was involved in a road traffic accident. I lost consciousness for a short while after initial impact, I realised I couldn't move, probably down to fear, and shock. No one was hurt, but my arms were cut and had airbag burns from their deployment, and I was more than shaken, still don't know how I didn't collapse! Once the police and ambulance had attended, and we'd been checked over, I was taken home by a lovely sergeant, I then sought out my Bowen Therapist, and arranged to have a treatment for whiplash with 24hrs. This is single handedly the best thing I could have done, being treated within 24 hrs of impact really helped my recovery and within a couple of treatments I was surprised how much better I felt and how little pain I was in. Don't get me wrong, there was still a level of pain but nothing to what I expected to have. I saw my physiotherapist 10 days after the accident (pre-existing appointment) and told him about the accident and showed him the photos. He though I would be in a world of pain and months in recovery.... He was amazed at how well I had recovered and how little he needed to do. I told him that I had seen a Bowen Therapist, and he said that he had never seen anyone as strong as I was after a Road Traffic Accident like mine in his 25 yrs of physiotherapy. I had a review with my doctor after 2 weeks, and she wanted to sign me off for another 4 weeks as it takes a minimum of 6-12 weeks to recover from whiplash, but I decided that I felt strong enough to go back, with the condition of seeing how I went. I never went back, and I am almost pain free bar a little aching in my wrist/elbow (impact arm) after a day at work or driving for approximately an hour. I can honestly say that without the Bowen therapy I received I would not feel as good as I am today. I am a true believer in how much this can help your body recover from new and old injuries. So the moral of my story is, if you are ever in the unfortunate position of being in an accident, please seek out a Bowen Therapist in your area, they really are worth their weight in gold. EC July 2016