All set for Christmas? Stop and pause for a minute and think of others.


As for them it may be the least wonderful time of the year.

While the holidays can be a source of joy and merriment for some, for others the season is a time of stress, sadness, and irritation.

Movies, songs, and television shows depict stories of miracles and blinding joy that can leave people feeling like their holidays are falling short if anything less than magical transpires. Parents often want the perfect gifts for their children, in some cases perhaps to offset their own childhood disappointments. This can lead to overspending and overwhelm. When something inevitably cannot be completed as planned or expected, there can be the perception of a holiday fail.

Holidays are often a time for people to be with friends and family, which can heighten feelings of grief and loss for those who have died. Obviously, there is nothing that can bring a loved one back. However, it can be helpful to take time to honour and process any feelings you might have. See more…