Physical pain can impact on mental health

It is something that many of us have thought for a long time. The mind and body are so closely linked, we see that every day for ourselves. We feel it ourselves. When we are well and happy we stand straighter and taller, but when we are in mental or physical pain we slouch. The question remains though which is in control of the other? Does the mind control the body or does the body control the mind?

Depression and other mental health conditions can reduce a person’s ability to manage chronic pain, potentially causing both physical and mental health to deteriorate. Pain can lower quality of life, which may further exacerbate mental health conditions.

Back pain nearly tripled the odds of experiencing an episode of depression. It doubled the likelihood of experiencing psychosis, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and high stress. As a result, the study’s authors emphasize the value of integrated treatment options that address both mental and physical health.

Therapy can help people with chronic pain, including back pain, manage their symptoms. See more…