Five Day Intensive Dissection Workshop

I was honoured to be able to attend this course, hosted and tutored by the amazing Julian Baker. I say honoured, and it was exactly that, an honour to be among other bodyworkers, all from different backgrounds but with a shared desire to learn more about the human body and how it really works, to just how books say it works. Honoured to be taught and guided by someone with such a breadth and depth of anatomical knowledge as Julian. Mostly though honoured to be given the gift of learning by the donors of the cadavers who wished for their death to be the start of others learning. For that we are truly humbled and grateful beyond words.

The experience was intense, and certainly emotionally draining, but equally it was uplifting to see the amazing way we work, how resilient the body is, yet simultaneously so fragile. To see each layer of the body, how delicate some parts are, and how strong others are is without doubt an experience unlike anything I have known before.

To see the reality of the body is so unlike anything a book, or computer graphics can ever represent, which is why this truly was a once in a lifetime experience. The knowledge I had learnt in achieving my anatomy qualification barely scratched the surface of the human form. It certainly never captured the true magnificence of the human body, the remarkable structures, the complex nature of it or the real wonder that it all works so well.

Fascia, as we discovered is remarkably strong and without it the body would have very little if any structural integrity. Something visually so frail, so thin in places, yet is so strong and provides so much resistance to hold the body together, is so complex and so vital, but we know so little about it and is overlooked by so many. If you can help the fascia realign and be where it’s needed, the body is going to feel better and this is where the Bowen Fascial Release Technique excels.