Prices & Aftercare

Each session costs £35 and will last between 45 and 60 minutes

The 3 W’s form the basis for aftercare’s far as Bowen Fascial Release Technique is concerned.

  • Water – One of the essentials for good health, water is also essential following a Bowen treatment. Following a Bowen treatment, the body will generally increase the blood supply to the nerve endings and affect the  movement of lymph around the body. The effective functioning of these systems is entirely reliant on water.
  • Walk – This assists the movement of fluids and particularly the lymph, around the body. Lymph removes all type of debris from the system, as well as moving fluid around the body.
  • Week – The recommended time between treatments is 5 to 10 days with the optimum being 7 days.

It is recommended that you dont have any other bodywork whilst on a course of treatments as it can interfere with the potential benefits by slowing the body’s response and the healing process.