He really helped me. Thank you peter.CM September 2017
Sorted my problem. Thought it was weird and wondered how on earth it would help but it did. I would recommend Peter and Elizabeth Crabb, you won't be disappointed.JC September 2017
Thanks for making me feel whole again.HW August 2017
Great for pain management! Peter always leaves me feeling healed inside and out! AT had frozen shoulder and Peter really helped her.AW July 2017
Because I may well forget by next week...... I just took my dogs around "the loop" ( I think I mentioned it in our earliest meetings) for the first time since the weather turned bad last year, so about 6+ months, I hurt whilst walking, especially the second half, and am & will pay for it tonight & maybe tomorrow but I managed it and my dog's appreciate that! K June 2017
I really didn’t think anything would work after all the therapies I have tried. After the first session with Peter I was still not convinced, but I came back after a week as it worked, it has reduced my back pain when nothing else has worked. CR May 2017
I highly recommend Peter CrabbSB March 2017