Thanks Peter My back is feeling good 👍 PT July 2018
Works for me ! 😊😊 JH July 2018
Back pain for 2 years. Now feeling great after only 2 sessions. 👍🏻 😊 SJ July 2018

We see them everywhere, supermarkets, corner shops, vending machines, the list goes on.  They help us get through […]

I can testify that Peter Crabb is good. He helped me recover from a shoulder injury which enabled me to swim in the World Masters Swimming Championships in Budapest last year!👍😃🏊💥 I certainly recommend him.👍 CD June 2018
So 9 years of extreme pain, endless doctors appointments, multiple concoctions of medication, hospital visits, operation, chiropractor, the list goes on. 2 sessions at "Bowen in Motion" and already seeing a difference! Too early to be getting excited but the future has a pin hole of light showing !!! CD June 2018