About Us

Welcome to Bowen in Motion, the home of The Bowen Technique in north Oxfordshire, Bicester, Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

The Bowen Technique is for all ages, from babies with colic to the elderly. It is gentle and non-invasive, and available to everyone. 

So a little about us. Peter and Beth are both fully qualified and insured Bowen Technique practitioners providing the Bowen Technique from their clinic in Bicester. After qualifying Peter, along with Beth founded Bowen in Motion which has grown rapidly in the past four years.  

We have both undertaken considerable post qualification training, including an extensive assessment technique training so that treatments we deliver can be more targeted. As part of our continued Bowen development, we can now offer: Hormonal Release, Fascia Bowen, MSRT (Scar release). These are detailed in separate pages on here and can be accessed by clicking on the separate links. Beth is also a fully qualified Canine Bowen Technique practitioner, for further details please head over to www.bowenforpaws.co.uk 

In clinic we work with a range of people, with a range of issues; from life’s general aches and pains, to our athletes with sporting injuries. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new injury or pain, or something you have had for several years, we have been able to help our clients improve their quality of life and movement. If you are an athlete, having regular Bowen sessions, can help maximise your performance, help you stay injury free and keep those training niggles at bay. If walking the dog, gardening, or just running around getting through life, but have pain, aches, injuries etc, we can help you too.