Dr Google

Have you met your new Doctor? You know the one, always available 24/7 and has all the answers to all the questions you may ask.

Yes thats right, Dr. Google, the resource for answering everything you could possibly ask and a lot more beside.

We have all done it haven’t we, feeling unwell or hearing a diagnosis and immediately typed a question into the search bar of google. Immediately a myriad of answers are provided to our question, giving us an answer and either confirming our thoughts and fears or leading us to a different diagnosis. All of which is good isn’t it? Absolutely it is, a clear answer to the question posed what could be better?

The trouble is that the answer is responding to your question exactly, and that leads to the problem of not asking the question in precisely the right way.

The following article by Sara Gorman expands on this and the fascinating new condition of cyberchondria.

The right way to google your symptoms: