Is your wi-fi safe? Perhaps not as safe as you think.

Last Monday it became clear that a new vulnerability has been identified in the standard that most wi-fi uses, exposing anything or any device that connects to the wi-fi.

There are less and less electrical equipment and gadgets that are not capable of connecting to wi-fi, not just computers, tablets and phones. Heating systems, security systems washing machines, fridges and the list goes on. Any of these can allow any determined hacker the opportunity to enter your network and find information that they would consider useful. Yet it appears the weakest link could now be the wi-fi itself. Well at least until the manufacturers of the devices that access wi-fi issues patches and fixes.

This vulnerability would explain why there have been a number of software updates for both IOS and high sierra since their launch in September. Apple are confident the patches distributed address these vulnerabilities. Microsoft have confirmed they have issued update patches as well. However given the number of computers that still run windows XP which is no longer supported by Microsoft, then this vulnerability is not closed just yet.

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