Are you a specialist?

Or are you a Jack (or Jill) of all trades?

When I was training to become a therapist in the Bowen Fascial Release Technique, it was installed throughout the training that this therapy should not be combined with other physical therapies for a week after treatment. It was also drummed into us that you should never use another technique during a Bowen treatment. If you do that is your choice as a therapist, but it is not Bowen Fascial Release Technique then and that opens up a pandora’s box of legal and insurance issues. I think that was wise advice to receive from the get go.

The nature of Bowen Fascial Release Technique and the moves, the breaks and the whole technique is unlike any other treatment, the pressures applied to the client are different, the movements are different.

If you needed the help of a heart surgeon, would you be reassured if the person operating on you did hearts, livers, knees and ankles? Probably not. What if you owned a Ferrari, would you be happy for it to be serviced by someone who services Ferraris, Fords, and Toyotas? Again probably not. So why would you consider a therapist who you want to relieve your pain or discomfort who does multiple therapies? They may be very talented and qualified in each area, as might the surgeon or mechanic, but they are not specialising in the area you want them for.

I cannot count the number of clients who come to me, having been to other therapists. Some have had some improvements, some considerable, with the previous therapists, but the benefits have barely been sustained past a few weeks at best. It is always interesting to hear what they have to say about their previous experiences, and to question them about the treatments they have had. I often look up the therapist online afterwards and find they offer a variety of treatments and therapies, ranging from a few to over ten different therapies. It is almost impossible for one person to be on top of so many therapies. There is always going to be some crossover between the therapies at the detriment to the efficiency of the therapy in question and the the client.

I see an increase in the number of therapists on Facebook or twitter offering their services to anyone who will listen, and the advertising is persuasive. But please remember, it is quite possible the treatment you will receive will be a hybrid. If you want the best that a Bowen treatment can give you, then seek out a therapist that only offers Bowen Fascial Release. Boweninmotion are exactly such therapists offering only Bowen Fascial Release, to their clients in Bicester, Aylesbury and the surrounding area. Call us today on 07956 892604 to book your first appointment.