Wimbledon 2017 Andy Murray’s hip is out of the tournament

Fear not all you Andy Murray fans out there, his hip has not become removed from him, he is out of the tournament as well as his hip. The same day Djokovic also exited the event with a injured elbow. In the first few days a number of retirements were seen. I started to wonder if a composite tennis player could be made from all the injured parts, but that is unlikely and frankly time consuming.

Naturally television coverage was for an extended period of time after Murray’s loss was focussed on his hip injury. If indeed it is a hip injury. There are so many areas, structures, soft tissue, that may be the cause of his evident discomfort. Without being able to assess him close up and with the benefit of scans, any guesses about his injury are exactly that, guesses. What is clear though is from the way he carries his back, is that his pelvis and shoulders are compensating for something.

However, what was very interesting was to listen to tennis players past and present talking about anatomical structures. The funniest was when one talked about how the hip connects the leg to the core of the body (meaning the core muscles as he was talking about power) The femur (thigh bone) is smooth with the surface being covered with cartilage to allow it to articulate with the pelvis at the proximal end. It is a weight bearing bone, but the hip joint is a freely moveable joint as it is a ball and socket joint. In order for it to function it has to be free. Therefore if it is weight bearing this means weight is being exerted downwards. It can be loaded with forces exerted if the weight is being distributed unevenly but gravity has shown that weight cannot be transferred upwards.

What is this mythical core, that is so often talked about? As an entity it does not exist, it is not one item, muscle or bone. When it is used in this context I believe they are referring to the abdominal area and the muscle groups that support the lower back and the abdomen. Well this is made up of numerous muscles, small and large, surface and deep. How a weight bearing bone, can transmit power to the abdominal muscles is something that is hard to really understand. The bones only move because the muscles move them, so therefore to move the leg, thigh bone and hip, is because of muscle instigating the movement which makes tendons pull on the bone generating the movement. This all follows a signal through the nervous system. The bone does not generate the signal it merely responses to the tension applied by the tendons.

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