Another reason to have Bowen Therapy: Communication with NHS (part 2)

Following from my earlier piece regarding the NHS the communication, I remain even more convinced than ever regarding the usefulness of complementary therapies and of Bowen Fascial Release Technique in particular. Why you may ask?

Well, apart from the effectiveness of the therapy on my clients, which continue to amaze both them and me as recently I have seen people with crippling sciatica; immobile shoulders and a plethora of issues relating to breathing and sinus issues (undoubtedly allergies are on the increase). It is so rewarding to help these people, and a great pleasure to report that these ailments they had, have gone and are causing them no issues at present. I write this as an introduction, as all these clients came to see me within a week of contacting me, something unheard of in the NHS. They had without exception had their conditions for months, had seen other therapists of a variety of modalities, as well as attempting to access care from the NHS through their GPs. The responses from the GPs had ranged from caring but unable to offer much apart from painkillers (great but they are only masking the problems, not solving it) to a lack of caring including advice to just get on with it. I appreciate that GPs are busy people under pressure as the front line of healthcare, but if they helped themselves to help their patients everyone would benefit, but sadly that is a pipe dream at present.

I wrote about my own GP practice and its merger with three other practices recently. I have an update, and it continues to prove something less than a success. By bringing practices together and automating processes you may expect that the patient would benefit and receive a faster more efficient service. That is not the case. I saw my GP over 2 weeks previously, and he was referring to the hospital for further tests. After three weeks, I had heard nothing so I rang the surgery on the first day of their new operation. I was greeted with the news that they were closed that day for training, this being a Wednesday, the receptionist offered no more help than to say to phone back the next day. Not having much choice I did just that. A different telephone receptionist advised that progress of referrals was now on their website, and I should look there. I asked whether I needed a password, but was told to just follow the instructions on the screen. So I did that and surprise surprise there were no details there. So you then are instructed to fill in a screen with your email details and what your query is. Then, you get a message saying you will receive a response in 2 days, but you don’t. After 4 days nothing, zilch. So another call is made, and after some delay finally a human being answers the phone. After explaining why I was calling she looked through the notes and because of a backlog at the surgery, the requests for referrals have not even been done yet. So after three weeks no action has been taken.

Three weeks already, what if it had been urgent, or deteriorated, then what. As it is I still do not know how I will have to wait. I wonder if I treated my clients this way what would happen? No need to wonder I would do the same as they would, be appalled and not go back.

But, I would never dream of behaving that way and neither would any decent therapist, which is another reason why more and more people are seeking complementary therapy, they are listened to, their aliments are assessed and considered as a whole rather than piecemeal.

Bowen Fascial Release Technique has amazing results in the majority of cases, so next time you feel in pain or discomfort, call me and don’t wait for weeks to get a referral in the NHS.