Pregnancy and fascial release

Can Bowen Fascial Release help pregnant ladies? More importantly, can it be used safely on pregnant ladies?

The answer to both is yes.

Pregnancy is often a joyous time in a woman’s life. She is growing another living being within her and is soon to become a parent, or become a parent again. Most of the time women are able to move through their pregnancies with relative ease. When that is not the case, there are options that do not involve medication. Three common issues that can be helped with fascial release osteopathic manipulative medicine are constipation, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back pain all related to pregnancy.

Constipation is never comfortable and unfortunately during pregnancy it can occur with more frequency. Due to the rapid expansion of a woman’s uterus, her intestines get pushed around and end up in new places in the abdominal cavity.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can become a problem for many reasons. One reason that it can be an issue in pregnancy is due to the fact that pregnant women are hypervolemic. This means there is extra fluid in their bodies compared to a non-pregnant person. In fact, pregnant women have about one-third more body fluid than when they are not pregnant. In the case of the hands and wrists, the thin and not particularly giving layer of fascia that creates the carpal tunnel can get stretched from that extra fluid and cause hand and wrist pain.

Back pain in pregnancy, and especially low back pain, is a little easier to understand. Due to the increasing size of the fetus, there is more and more pressure that ends up going to the low back. Pregnant women have the added problem of not having help from their abdominal muscles in the later weeks, which can add stress to the low back. It is the difference between stabilizing your core muscles before doing any lifting or activity, or not. Unfortunately for very pregnant women, they do not have the option of engaging their core muscles because they get stretched out. See more…