Reward – the joy of seeing a client happy and pain free.

I was struck this week, when I was talking to a client about how little pain she had. Perhaps I should go back to the beginning.

When I met this lady, she was in significant pain in her knees and had arranged to have a cortisone injection in them in a few months time (that’s how long it can take on the NHS to get pain relief sometimes). The pain was excruciating and despite being active was unable to walk for more than 15 minutes without being rendered unable to take another step.until she had significant rest. This pain was exacerbated as she also had a very painful lower back as well.

Both areas of pain were in themselves intense and difficult to cope with, but combined together it was enough to drive her to consider cortisone injections.

Fortunately she had been advised to consider Bowen Fascial Release Technique before having the cortisone, by a close relative of hers. The results have been remarkable.In just over six weeks, she is now pain free and has been for three weeks, is walking as much as she desires with no pain. Her back is also causing no pain. She calmly informed me that she has cancelled the cortisone injection and told her doctor she no longer requires it.

Seeing her yesterday, made me appreciate not only the remarkable success that the Bowen Fascial Release Technique can and often does have on reducing the pain people experience, but in my opinion more importantly the fact that it facilitates an improvement in the clients activities as they are no longer restricted by pain. Seeing clients being able to engage in the activities they love and enjoy is so deeply rewarding and makes being a Bowen practitioner so pleasurable.

So the question to you as you read this is fairly simple. Are you suffering from aches and pains that seem to linger.? Perhaps a friend or family member is in pain. I hope they are not but if they are then follow this ladies lead and see if this amazing technique can help. Let this be the year that you do something to address those aches, pains and niggling discomforts. Why suffer any longer? Make this the year that you find out just how Bowen Fascial Release can help you.