Healthcare in Oxford – No plans to merge? the health bosses have denied it, but they would wouldn’t they. The politics of the healthcare system yet again comes first for them as no doubt the protagonists are already jockeying for position in the new super trust, which they have denied plans for.

Contrary to a press headline, Oxford Health, Oxford University Hospitals and OxFed have no plans for a ‘super trust’ merger.

At the end of September, local Oxford NHS Trusts and the city GP federation sent a letter to commissioners setting out an intention to develop proposals for an Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) as one of the ways to improve delivery of care across different parts of the NHS in Oxfordshire. A key aim is to support the delivery of agreed transformation plans currently being developed as part of the Oxfordshire Transformation Programme. For clarity, an ACO offers a potential model for working in partnership and does not require merger between organisations.

We remain at an early stage in our discussions about developing more joined up NHS care across Oxfordshire – there is no plan to launch a new Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) at the end of March, although it remains one of a range of options. What we are committed to doing is finding ways for local NHS providers to work together more closely across the county to ensure that the increasing numbers of people who need care from many parts of the system get that more efficiently, and that it is coordinated across providers to support people’s quality and experience of care . See more…