What happens to the body after Bowen Fascial Release?

So you’ve now had your Bowen treatment, you felt a change occur during the session what actually happens afterwards when you leave the treatment room? Why does the therapist not want to see you for another seven days?

Most quality Bowen therapists will only wish to see a client every seven days during the early part of treatments but where does this figure come from? Is it number of days that is arbitrarily plucked from the mind of a therapist? Is it simply that’s what you are told during your Bowen training and therefore it must be right? Or is it similar to the way that antibiotics are prescribed where the doctor will tell you to complete the course, be that seven days, five days or however long but actually has no understanding of why you need to do that full course, apart from that is what the manufacturers of the drugs have advised?

After the treatment what is actually happening to your body? Well, the fascial layer under the skin takes in a lot of information during a Bowen treatment. Once it is taken in this information the body starts to respond, by correcting any tensional misalignment. How can this be seen though as to the naked eye everything still looks the same. Many clients and many therapists will no doubt have felt a warmth under their hands from therapist’s point of view or a walk from the skin from the client’s point of view during the treatment. This is quite normal but what’s actually going on? In a fascinating article by Faye Ferguson and originally printed in Bowen Hands in December 2011 and republished here a visual representation through thermal imaging of a client having had Bowen treatment shows how the warmth experienced continues much longer than would be expected or indeed observed by touch or sight. Yet after five days the body still repairing itself. This in itself is quite remarkable that a treatment is still having an effect five days later the picture shows the power and desire of the body to repair itself. We are merely giving the body an opportunity to take a look at areas where it may need to be repaired. If the body chooses to accept this invitation and commence the changes necessary to effect a repair then this shows the power of the human body and indeed of the Bowen treatment itself.