The proof of the pudding is in the eating!!!!

Or so the legend goes. This phrase is well known, although surprisingly often misquoted as “the proof is in the pudding.” This proverb surprisingly dates back to the 14th century and is widely attributed to the Spanish author Cervantes in his novel The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote.

It is clear what is meant by this proverb, when related to something that can be tasted. However, it is also applied widely regarding many subjects. When it is applied to therapies, it is a little more difficult to truly understand what anyone saying this actually expects to see. You cannot eat yourself after a therapy, so it is not possible to taste a difference. Can you see a difference after receiving Bowen Fascial Release Technique? In some circumstances the range of movement might have instantly improved, or posture changed, but normally these changes can take a little time.

The input that Bowen Fascial Release Technique gives to the body works on the fascia beneath the skin. The impetus and responses cannot be seen as they are internal. Following the logic of the proverb, if you cannot taste (or maybe see) the change, does that mean there is no change? If a tree falls in a forest, just because no-one hears it, does that mean it has been silent?

Bowen Fascial Release Technique produces significant changes in the structure of the fascia, but the changes take time to be seen. This is never more true than when a client is treated, and initially they notice no difference. Over the next few days the client starts to notice a change and the restriction they felt, or perhaps a reduction in the intensity of the pain they experienced, or perhaps and increase in their ability to undertake activities without pain. It is human nature and especially a by-product of the modern instant society, not to associate the work that their therapist did a few days ago, with the improvement they now feel. This is an issue each therapist has to come to terms with.

Returning though to the title of this article, when you have therapy in general and Bowen Fascial Release Technique in particular, the eating is somewhat slower than you realise, so before you judge the proof, remember it takes time for the pudding to be ready for consumption.