Sciatica – a very common problem

Recently, I have seen a number of clients with sciatica combined with lower back pain. What has been striking is the similarity in these conditions whilst the clients have such a diverse lifestyle.

Sciatica can be a debilitating condition, with the pain so sharp and invasive that it is hard to function, so the body attempts to relieve the pain by compensating elsewhere, to take some of the pressure off the leg where it is hurting. Of course for those suffering sciatica in both legs at the same time, this must be excruciating as there is little way to avoid the pain then.

From treating these people there has been a common theme in the fact that the glutes have not been firing. What does this mean? Well in essence the glutes not working means that other muscles are compensating to ensure the leg is working and mobile. Yet this extra strain caused by the compensation is then the cause of the pain in the lower back and leg as the increased strain is pressing on the sciatic nerve. This pressure is then represented in sciatic nerve pain.

Yet the root cause is nothing to do with the sciatic nerve or the back.

So how can Bowen Fascial Release Technique help me?

In these cases by addressing the functional strain in the client by treating those parts where the problems are, the results have been impressive.

Each client has left with their gluten working more effectively, with a large reduction in pain immediately. Most are free from pain within a week with no repetition of the pain.

Are they happy?

Absolutely. One client telephoned me after a treatment to express his thanks. He had been seeing doctors, physiotherapists and massage therapists all without success. Yet know he is pain free and able to work without pain, and enjoy his hobbies and sports without restriction pain or fear.

Why don’t you do the same and say goodbye to your sciatic pain.

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